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  1. Dan, why did you delete my comment? Aren't technical questions allowed?

  2. Excellent video really appreciate your knowledge can you please touch on the rough amount of BTC at top of B? really need to take some profit out here!

  3. Idk why you dont have a million views considering you have the best technical analysis on YouTube!

  4. You sir, are an amateur and a (sorry) moron. Do you not think all the free (unemployment, etc) printed money that newbies invested in the various markets will face the truth? You are dangerous. Reading generic charts that any 6 year old can google but ignoring the macro and the reality of global finance and emerging structure. There are no rules so simple as to be interpreted by small minds like you that spew a few common histories to support your completely stab in the dark opinions. Do you truly think that you know more than smart money? They know exactly what your charts say and that you are an utter neophyte and you and anyone foolish enough to listen to you are their patsies and puppets. I know you mean well, but please stop leading the innocent to slaughter. So much hard earned money will be lost for people that believe your foolishness and sub amateur predictions. You are betraying your own people for the benefit of minds much, MUCH smarter than you. Much love to the people. If he was anything more than a child wanting to be important, he would be gainfully employed and not a YouTuber making money off of peoples hopes. Much love 歹

  5. Dear Dan this was so amazing I can't believe how brilliant you are and you explain everything so well I am learning so much from your videos you are by far the best on crypto then anyone I have watched in the last five years and I have watched them all I hope you can also incorporate the dow and nasdaq along with precious metals thank you so much for this great learning experience

  6. Dear Dan when you say you are extremely bullish on the long term about what time frame is that bullishness I thought in previous video you said around July for big bull run could you please mention that in next video thanks so much dan God bless

  7. Im basically using your Elliot wave analysis as the playbook for my $3million crypto portfolio. So far, I dont see a reason to change that. Nobody has a crystal ball, I really enjoy your analysis and appreciate all your hard work. Ill insist on sending you some crypto as a thank you when upward trends take hold

  8. Are you selling your alts for USD or BTC now and then buy back or you just hold? Please let me know thanks

  9. DD!!! Another
    How long you been studying wave theory? And from what sources have you found the most value?

  10. Dan thanks for the analysis. Which assets do you think still have the largest % upside left on the table that aren't long shots?

  11. Are you sure we are in a 1-2, 1-2 structure? If so, that will be so mega bullish since 3rd wave is usually very high… That's possible but it is hard to believe coz everyone would become rich… I doubt the big players would allow that? Usually at the end of the motive wave,, it is always a trap

  12. Wow so happy xrp shark mentioned you, keep up the great work mate, learning so much

  13. Crypto has been in the toilet for ages now. Must get some good upside soon.

  14. Really hoping to start seeing bullish divergence for the crypto markets this summer.

  15. Thanks for invalidating those counts that are going around at the moment mate

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