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  2. ✨💎✨👍TY!!🔥🚀BlockChain Backer!!❤✨Have a great weekend, stay safe !!!✨💎✨

  3. So, odds are we are at the bottom, and will will ride up to September.

  4. Sure looks like the markets are going to tank massively. BCB I do disagree that the Dow and the crypto market are ALWAYS tied together. They way you position it sounds as if they are 1 to 1.

    Decoupling is possible man. It can and will happen at some point.

  5. BC Backer, if we break below support how will that effect BTC's retrace and subsequent alt season? In other words, does it cause it not to happen, delay it, make it retrace higher, ect? Thanks!

  6. These markets really know how to torture! Im struggling to see where the final parabolic rise in the Dow is going to come from. The only things i can think of is an end to the war in Ukraine (unlikely short term) or a major market shock that causes the Fed to reverse their decision and print again

  7. We know you’re waiting for the second eclipse in this eclipse window. You just can’t say it. 😏😉

  8. I just wanna see a live BCB stream where you start with that other intro that sounds like it belongs on jurassic world, then I'll know exciting times are here 🙏🙏🇬🇧

  9. As always… Thx Brother 👍 😊 🙏
    Good news or bad news. We need the most accurate & honest Financial entertainment we can get! & that my Friends, is right here @BcB's place. He always has rm for 1 more person to hang out & exchange ideas & share thoughts w/. Thx again. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
    Try to remember folks. When we have our health, & a lil bit to eat, & something simple to drink, its not that bad of a day. In the big picture of life! We will get thru it. & as Winston Churchill, once famously said.
    'Keep Calm, & Carry On'

  10. Turned green for a minute, then back to red, dancing around final support… I don’t have anymore fingernails left to bite on 🥴

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