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MANY ELEMENTS AT PLAY as Bitcoin Price Chart Touches Channel, Altcoin Market Structure, XRP and UST

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Hi, I am the Blockchain Backer, bringing you the latest cryptocurrency news and analysis. The content of my channel primarily focuses on crypto news, motivation, and chart analysis on the XRP chart, Bitcoin chart, various Altcoin charts, and market cap charts.

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  1. Thank you. You're the most thorough and down to earth analasis I've seen. Appreciate the work you do.

  2. Just months ago a lot of people were saying things like "Don't use USDT because it's backed by debt and unstable, so use UST instead". And here it comes to light that somehow UST was backed by Bitcoin…


  4. Have only been in this market for just over 2 years, a question I would have is how will the market react when Wall Street closes down in summer in June and when the market generally cools down when you look back on history.. what sort of impact do you think that will have.. people are hoping for a v bottom or is it going to be a 2-3 month accumulation

  5. Just as an FYI, it's very often a stable coin is not exactly $1, BUSD as I write this is 0.99. They move around a lot, it's only when you see them getting below 98-97 that something uncomfortable is happening I think 😀

  6. I own some NFT's and I thought your basic introduction to NFTs was accurate.
    When your introduced your three possible scenarios some months back, I was surprised because that was the first I had heard you mention scenario 3, and almost forgot about it because I thought it very unlikely. I'm down for some new all time highs though.

  7. I have a question for u sir, as traders we need to be adaptive and open to flip our bias. What would it take for u to flip ur bias fully bearish on the whole of the crypto market?

  8. Nice to see you exploring other scenarios. I think you got stuck on that previous fractal for too long.

  9. I think pump in october last year is full manipulation, it should mark the down fall of bitcoin if not the bottom. with the macro condition at the worst condition, the only way from this point is up as people adjust to the inflation rate. And once the supply is fixed, the rally continued. What the fed are doing right now, is to hold demand since supply is yet to be fixed.

  10. Good impression of current status! My conclusion: we are currently seeing the bottom…. by hey, that's me 🙂

  11. If I hold it will dump. If I sell it will bump.
    I'd feel a lot better about the scenario if the SEC didn't keep us from taking profits last year.

  12. Thank you for sharing your thorough analysis and perspectives. We really appreciate it 🙏💕

  13. Thank you for all the hard work you put into getting this info out to us. Really appreciate you BCB🙏

  14. Usdt guys said 1 tether can be exchanged for $1 regardless of what random exchanges say.

  15. Janet (FED) that old ba@##$ stated due to luna's breakdown, there's s need for gov implication. Basically the FED owners(FED is Private company btw) created Luna's disaster and now, saying "hey we need to fix/ control this issue that happened" still lying to the public.

  16. Are we back in macro bullish territory when XRP closes above 60ct end of the month?

  17. I like how you just stick to the data and dont really shill too much bs. Keep it up. Subbed

  18. BCB- great stuff as always. What’s your thought on the retracement being smaller/faster than expected and that the retracement actually took place from like end of Feb through beginning of April? What’s your reasoning for not counting that rally as the retracement?

  19. With war in Ukraine, the Euro gaining strength against the Dollar is small, if at all. That's not saying the Euro won't gain strength as compared to other fiats. Macro effects, UST taken down, oil pushing dollar, China still in lockdown…Dollar will shine for a while. And everything it props up…will that be crypto? Maybe that's why UST was taken out, prop up dollar pegged stables???

  20. The Luna / UST situation was so dire I find it hard to believe they deposited 50k Btc then didn't sell it off for UST. The increased volume in Btc also suggests the sell off occurred.
    I suspect the slight unpegging of USDT is a confidence issue. People prepared to take a hit on their USDT to cover a perceived risk of USDT doing a UST like freefall.
    Also, my understanding is Whales have still been holding and accumulating, meaning most of the selling has been retail, particularly those new to the market – last 15 months.
    I'm of the view the market has been 'played' by some ultra big guys. We've been set up for one last surge on stocks, btc and, even more so, altcoins. That is, we are at the 'Spring' phase in the Wyckoff accumulation.
    Living on hope, perhaps?

  21. I see no reason for crypto to go on another huge run this year. Doesn’t fit the bitcoin cycle timeline at all, and interest rates will keep rising to fight inflation

  22. It's my understanding ( don't quote me on this) but from what other content creators have mentioned. They claim UST and Terra has sold approximately 80k BTC, so I'd that is true, perhaps that was the cause of the BTC dip and perhaps that indicates the bottom is in or at least very close

    Just some thoughts

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