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Psycho Stream – Risk On?

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Green button, red button, or both? Let’s talk about it

Thanks as always to FTX for sponsoring this stream. This video is for educational purposes only. This is not financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor.

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As always, please assume my risk tolerance is higher than yours when it comes to trading.


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  1. Excellent stream!

    Unfortunately I couldn't watch live as work and a different timezone were not in my favour.
    The content in this video is some of the best I've watched/listened to in the few years that I've been involved with crypto. Thank you very much for your insight and perspective, i'll be watching this again at 1x speed.

    Looking forward to your next stream 🍻

  2. "see if we can do it in 30 minutes" – bruh ur the only 1 talkin again…u r a real psycho! kek. i wonder: r u the Charles Hoskinson of the Cosmos system?

  3. Regarding the draining through contracts, how do we move past this, and give average people more safety? This will hold crypto back in the longterm.

  4. 50 mins of pure alpha. Loved it. Would love you to get into the details of second order thinking in the next video. (meaning – if we feel, market would do this, what are the next steps and so on and so-forth)

  5. Do you have a link to the SEGA project you are speaking about around 32 minutes. I can't find this one. Thanks for the video !

  6. Psycho have you heard of holochain and done a deep dive into it. I think you will be bullish

  7. cool to see you on YouTube.. Thank your for sharing your thoughts on the market and TA analysis 😎

  8. What I think will be big this year is the cross chain narrative, and the L1s have already moved a decent amount, so I’m focusing on brides, and after TONS of research, Celer Network is my pick as the upcoming dominant bridge. This will be my play this year.

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