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  1. LOve it Suppo! It's just like sitting inside your brain, like we're having tea discussing the merits of crypto. Suppo Love Forever

  2. Hi Suppo, Just want to hear your thought on BSV?? I have been researching the coin and I see a potential treat for bitcoin

  3. Millions of Americans and people around the world are buying, selling, and using blockchain assets. None of these Americans are going to the SEC and asking to be protected. So who is the SEC actually serving? It's obviously not the American people.

  4. Lol people praying there shitcoin will bounce back 90% will not make it through a recession

  5. Global situation negates most narratives. The institutions have difficulty making sense out of everything let alone crypto. The global adoption will occur this year as faith in institutions and governments diminish. MUST have privacy and some means in control of the seas! Moving product is impossible if remains under control of governments. The global populations will revolt. I have no doubt it will happen very soon.

  6. Hi SUPPO, Thanks for the past two videos you made, very insightful. I was wondering if you would consider speaking about older projects that were the hype during 2018 period. Some of us slow snails still have coins like for example XLM and, Digibyte, Siacoin etc. I would like to know which of those older coins are still alive and worth to keep and which ones should be written off. If you look at the exchanges they are still around, but worth keeping them or perhaps rather exchange them for more upcoming coins? Anybody else that would like SUPPO to talk about this subject??

  7. All crypto crashing Down to Zero , Bankrupt. Slow painful Death ☠️💀☠️☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️☠️💀☠️

  8. ETH merge will be an opium because what you did not say to your audience is that all ETH stake will be released and that will lead to massive selling …….

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