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What Altcoin Will Win From A Cryptocurrency Crackdown In 2022

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There is some big laws coming to cryptocurrency. LCX crypto exchange could be the answer. LCX coin along with others may win over the typical apeing Altcoins.

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— DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser and this video is not financial advice this video is here for entertainment/education only.


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  1. Hey guy, this question is more for you Junior, but if anyone can update me on what this new change to YouTube 's platform, I'de appreciate it:

    ''YouTube Shorts'' ? now instead of viewing a video in full screen here on Youtube it's like some video uploads are optimized for viewing on smartphones?
    (is that what's going on? , also is this something done with the permission of the channel's owner, or is this something that YouTube is deciding to do arbitrarily)

    P.S. I don't see the benefit, if anything I don't like it because you can't leave or view commentary on these type of uploads,

  2. well said…LCX is the future and the future is coming now…..surprised this isnt at a 5bil market cap already…

  3. I will add some LCX to my itinerary later on tonight . Civic (CVC) is looking good to .

  4. Once again another goodie JR. Info gems that people on the fence or under a rock need to know about LCX. Holding my position, 2nd largest in my portfolio at the moment. The sooner regulation comes the more bullish I am on this one. Of all my portfolio this one makes me go "OOOooMMmmMMmmmmmm" lol

  5. Just curious, how has Kucoin screwed you? I currently use them and you have me worried

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