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Arbidoge is the first Dogecoin fork as well as the first native token to launch on the newly released Arbitrum network. We created transparent tokenomics for everyones benefit. While plenty of projects have intransparent tokenomics which are often not feasible, we kept things simple. Zero Tax. Zero Fee. Just like the original Dogecoin. This token serves as an homage to Dogecoin, as well as a means of acquiring a symbolic piece of the legendary SOV that Dogecoin is, through the power of Arbitrum and its seamless and inexpensive transacting process. Initial Liquidity was permanently burned, along with 20% of the total supply, forever, making Arbidoge a 100% safe investment.

arbitrum-one arbitrum-one: 0x155f0dd04424939368972f4e1838687d6a831151

Name: ArbiDoge
Symbol: adoge
Network: arbitrum-one

Total supply: 10000000000000
Max supply: 10000000000000

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Arbitrum Ecosystem,


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adoge price,ArbiDoge price


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