L2PAD $l2pad Chart, Price and Contract

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L2PAD is a decentralized launchpad and a VC DAO We have been designing l2pad to have the following features: Permissionless primary market infrastructure governed by code and community, rather than centralized ‘platforms’ run hit-and-run teams jumping from pad to pad; Infrastructure capable of empowering community to get smarter and govern the project selection process; DAO governed early stage financing rounds; Infrastructure capable of financing public goods, the deep blue ocean with no competition; Infrastructure for non-mintable token issuance, liquidity locks against rugpulls; New smarter tokenomics models to overcome notorious launchpad scalability issues; L2PAD is built by the veterans of the young IDO industry and answers all of the above. L2PAD is the first Optimism native launchpad and it’s also much more than that.

arbitrum-one arbitrum-one: 0x6ba4edd6db54ed34d53d8d8883e599c4dba009fb

Name: L2PAD
Symbol: l2pad
Network: arbitrum-one

Total supply: 49979007
Max supply: 0

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Arbitrum Ecosystem,


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l2pad price,L2PAD price


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