LeverageInu $levi Chart, Price and Contract

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Leverage Inu, launched with MCAP- $ 806,921 and maintaining 24 hr volume $125000. Liquidity pool worth $365000. social passive trading with MemeFi on Arbitrum. Yield and Trade profit sharing powered by $LEVI. The LEVI treasury is used to invest in prominent ecosystem projects and the subsequent Yields are passed onto holders.

arbitrum-one arbitrum-one: 0x954ac1c73e16c77198e83c088ade88f6223f3d44

Name: LeverageInu
Symbol: levi
Network: arbitrum-one

Total supply: 1000000
Max supply: 1000000

Where To Buy levi?


Arbitrum Ecosystem,


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levi price,LeverageInu price


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