DashLeague Crystals $dlc Chart, Price and Contract

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## What are DashLeague Crystals ($DLC)? DLC is the native utility token that is used in DashLeague for but not limited to the following use cases : a) Buying and selling items to NPCs b) Rewards for in-game actions such as quests or events c) Trading with players in-game d) Use in crafting and/or refining in-game items e) Rewards from monsters/bosses f) Use for changing DLNFT or other game related assets g) Buying or selling on 3rd party platforms ## How Many $DLC Coins Are There in Circulation? $DLC was launched on the AVAX blockchain on June 24, 2022 with 100 million $DLC tokens created at genesis. Additional supply is available to be minted via bonds on DashLeague.io, additionally community votes may increase supply of $DLC on Snapshot.org (https://snapshot.org/#/dashleague.eth) and was launched with the following breakdown : a) 50% to game treasury for emissions (users buy and sell items directly to and from treasury) b) 20% to the development team to fund further game development c) 10% to the marketing fund to advertise DashLeague d) 20% reserved for circulation of $DLC on 3rd party networks, liquidity pools, and market making opportunities —— Only 5% of the 20% initial circulation reserve will be added to an LP upon launch of $DLC, the remaining 95% will be released per future snapshots ### Who Are the Founders of $DLC (DashLeague)? DashLeague is the intellectual property of BABS, a 2D/3D game studio out of Scottsdale, Arizona (United States). It was the product of several dozen artists, developers, sound engineers, and art directors and continues to be developed by BABS on behalf of the community.

avalanche avalanche: 0x6cc8ef6cfc173fc55a920c29e05222dead33b573

Name: DashLeague Crystals
Symbol: dlc
Network: avalanche

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 0

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dlc price,DashLeague Crystals price


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