Snail Trail $slime Chart, Price and Contract

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Snail Trail is an NFT based auto racing game where players place their Snails in competitive races and win rewards. Players can own, optimize, reproduce, and race with their Snails. Every Snail belongs to one of five families. Based on their genetics, they have unique traits and racing preferences that players can get to know better to develop tactics and strategies that will improve their performance—and maximize reward earnings. A Snail’s performance also depends on the racing track environment. The game’s reproduction systems allow players to mint more Snails and compete in more races. Snail Trail is a new kind of racing game that requires strategic thinking and foresight—paired with the fun of collecting NFTs.

avalanche avalanche: 0x5a15bdcf9a3a8e799fa4381e666466a516f2d9c8

Name: Snail Trail
Symbol: slime
Network: avalanche

Total supply: 300000000
Max supply: 300000000

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