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Vector Finance is a protocol that synergistically integrates with Platypus Finance. Vector enables users to generate boosted yields on their stablecoins, even if they don’t own any PTP. Vector is able to do this by aggregating PTP from users who choose to convert their PTP into xPTP. In doing so, Vector also unlocks utility for the PTP token: users who convert their PTP into xPTP receive ~71% of all yield generated by the protocol. This allows for better capital efficiency and a more diverse user base for Platypus. VTX (Vector’s governance token) receives a share of Vector’s revenue (~29%) and unlocks the highly sought after voting power from PTP holders who may not be as concerned with governance. VTX is rewarded to xPTP stakers, stablecoin depositors, and liquidity providers.

avalanche avalanche: 0x060556209e507d30f2167a101bfc6d256ed2f3e1

Name: xPTP
Symbol: xptp
Network: avalanche

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 300000000

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Avalanche Ecosystem,


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xptp price,xPTP price


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