Yield Yak AVAX $yyavax Chart, Price and Contract

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yyAVAX is liquid staked AVAX on the Avalanche network. yyAVAX was launched by Yield Yak, an Avalanche-native project which builds DeFi tools for users. Yield Yak has partnered with Geode Finance, liquid staking infrastructure providers, and the Eden Network of validators to allow users to earn native yield from the Avalanche P-Chain via this derivative token.

avalanche avalanche: 0xf7d9281e8e363584973f946201b82ba72c965d27

Name: Yield Yak AVAX
Symbol: yyavax
Network: avalanche

Total supply: 41305
Max supply: 0

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yyavax price,Yield Yak AVAX price


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