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Athenas $athenasv2 Chart, Price and Contract

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“Athena’s aims at creating cryptocurrency to be used in daily life. Our roadmap will begin using in restaurants, pubs, bars in all major countries in the South-east Asia and expand to the rest of the world. Our ultimate goals is to become a daily life token. So we are stricty focusing on new partnership with merchant / restaurant / pub / bar and rolling out our hidden gems to facilitate the partners and users.”

bsc bsc: 0x95d07a6b1dd22cfc6f775e9574e4374995e7ef89

Name: Athenas
Symbol: athenasv2
Network: BSC

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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Athenas athenasv2 Chart

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athenasv2 price,Athenas price


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