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bHBD $bhbd Chart, Price and Contract

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bHBD is a wrapped version of the HBD token (Hive Backed Dollar on the Hive Blockchain), built on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. HBD is the longest standing algo-stablecoin in all of crypto but it has struggled with achieving mass adoption. HBD has a Fixed Savings Rate of 20%, which has solved the demand issue for HBD. There’s a supply issue with HBD, which is where bHBD and the Liquidity Pools bHBD-BUSD and bHBD-CUB come into play, providing liquidity to the HBD market on the Hive Blockchain. bHBD is backed 1:1 by the native HBD token on the Hive Blockchain and it’s meant to provide liquidity to create an onramp and offramp solution for users to flow in and out of the Hive Ecosystem, while earning yield in the form of CUB tokens in the process,

bsc bsc: 0x874966221020d6ac1aed0e2cfad9cbfee0ba713b

Name: bHBD
Symbol: bhbd
Network: BSC

Total supply: 50000
Max supply: 10000000

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bHBD bhbd Chart

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bhbd price,bHBD price


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