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CryptoQWERTY (CQ) is a play-to-earn, competitive typing and betting game using both blockchain and off-chain transactions. NFTs can be burned optionally if the users wanted it to convert into a real-world product (CQKeyboards) which is able to mine a cryptocurrency by using the product. Only 50,000 NFTs can be minted and those NFTs are can be converted to real product if the user desire it. The company’s goal is to establish a customizable keyboard company that can accept Click (CLK) tokens or any fiat for transactions. Thr project was launched in July 16 2022 by a group of developers based in United States (US) & South East Asia (SEA) countries.

bsc bsc: 0xd80e4abaffdda331ebb7dea2aa283e909cbbedf3

Name: Click
Symbol: clk
Network: BSC

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 100000000

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Click clk Chart

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clk price,Click price


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