CZshares $czshares Chart, Price and Contract

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CZpegs is based upon the work of an accumulation of TOMB finance forks over the last few months. The project is run and lead by the doxxed team at BOMB Money, lead by CEO Aaron Shames! The innovative multi-peg system provides an algorithmically controlled inflation and exposure through peg to the major BSC assets including BNB, BUSD, BOMB and EMP. CZshares are the share rewards and governance token of the CZpegs protocol.

bsc bsc: 0x8169a36ec368882207515d6f509a2e7fc74203d3

Name: CZshares
Symbol: czshares
Network: BSC

Total supply: 3664
Max supply: 73761

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Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem,


CZshares czshares Chart

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czshares price,CZshares price


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