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DCAP $$dcap Chart, Price and Contract

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How does DCAP disrupt Real Estate Market? The primary purpose of the DCAP is to create a sustainable investment portal for traditional fiat investors. As a result, anyone could make cryptocurrency investments into real estate assets safely and stably. Also, the team believes that purchasing income-producing assets can generate income in the long run. So, the management aims to provide holders with sustainable returns from cash flow assets coming from property acquisitions. In addition, such types of investments have enormous benefits, such as inflation hedges, monthly business revenue, generational appreciation, and lower volatility. What’s the $DCAP Token? $DCAP is a BEP20 (BSC) with 10% taxation that powers the project ecosystem. Also, important to state that 67.3% of all 52,000,000 coins support liquidity on the PancakeSwap. Simultaneously, 11.54% funs the DCAP’s NFT Pool. The coin is an integral element of the DCAP’s Defi ecosystem, apart from the above.

bsc bsc: 0x7ce910a8e811be8cda9a862f799878a96d276e7c

Name: DCAP
Symbol: $dcap
Network: BSC

Total supply: 52000000
Max supply: 52000000

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DCAP $dcap Chart

Poocoin Chart

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$dcap price,DCAP price


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