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DELOT is the decentralized lottery game for token holders. DELOT token is the utility token that is used in the Lottery game. In the traditional lottery, players pay for the number of tickets they want to get. E.g., Ticket price is $1, players pay $1 to get one ticket, $2 for two tickets and so on. DELOT has the better mechanism: players only need to deposit a little token to join the round. They can get additional tickets just by holding, the more token they hold the more ticket they get, so they are beneficial by increasing the chance to win lottery round just by holding, they do not need to deposit more (spend more tokens to get more tickets). Especially, the more ticket they have, the more chance to win the grand prize. Unlike a traditional lottery where players must continuously buy tickets for every drawing, DELOT focuses on simplicity – just acquire the token, hold it, and they will automatically be entered into the next lottery rounds thanks to the Auto Pool feature. DELOT is ENMT token that is fully ERC20 compliant with no fee/tax on transactions. It has no mint function, no owner and admin functions, no unsafe code, fully ERC20 compliant and fully decentralized. It also audited by Solid Proof.

bsc bsc: 0x3e24bbb2c9a0f2faecfdbdca20bba6f35b73c4cb

Symbol: delot
Network: BSC

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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