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DGT Community Token $dgt Chart, Price and Contract

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“DGT Token strives to become the principal cryptocurrency project launchpad. DGT Token Network aims to be the ultimate DeFi, Community Staking and Liquidity Provider platform, while simultaneously working on becoming the best place for building crypto passive income. Our central purpose is to expose scam projects, guarantee safety to Community Members and instill confidence in the cryptocurrency market in its entirety. Our approach will be to implement methodical smart contract into Agritech Projects, SAAS Tech Products, Gaming Project and Edutech Products launched on the Blockchain in decentralized manner.”

bsc bsc: 0x90fe761c696066672190cc62a84a2a41bc630a1b

Name: DGT Community Token
Symbol: dgt
Network: BSC

Total supply: 130000000
Max supply: 6500000000

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    DGT Community Token dgt Chart

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    dgt price,DGT Community Token price


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