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DogyRace $dor Chart, Price and Contract

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DogyRace is a dog racing game based on RNG technology and built on Binance Smart Chain. Bet on the best dogs and create your own team. Discover the world of online racing and betting in a safe and easy way. We launched DogyRace with a mission, bring the world of betting to NFT games. Uniting the bets with the security and transparency of NFT and cryptocurrencies, in this way everything is easier and safer for our users. That’s why we try to avoid scams in the world of betting by registering them on the blockchain for traceability. DogyRace consist of: Dogs – Unique dogs that are different from other breeds, you can improve their strength, speed and even their appearance with cards. Bets- The players who do not participate in the race will be able to place their bets at the ticket offices depending on the performance of the dogs in the last races, the games will be public so that you can enjoy with the rest of the players. Canodromes-Dog races have always been host in canodromes, where dogs compete for the first place. We have implemented the option for players to buy these canodromes and be able to take a commission for each race. Each canodrome will have its own rules that will be implemented by its owner and in this way the races will be much more customizable.

bsc bsc: 0xfafbc48f6aa3587984ea50e472304802b39c2604

Name: DogyRace
Symbol: dor
Network: BSC

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 100000000

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DogyRace dor Chart

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