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Fame MMA $fame Chart, Price and Contract

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FAME MMA is the biggest in Europe freak fight federation and a premier combat sports organization that hosts events for celebrities, personalities, top YouTubers, Instagram, Twitch & TikTok superstars and famous professional athletes to fight each other. Founded in 2018, FAME has run 13 large events, with the upcoming FAME MMA 14 event taking place on the 14th of May. The primary concept behind every event is to bring famous idols to an environment that you would not normally see on a daily basis, which is the octagon, to fight in front of thousands of fans in the venue and even more viewers watching the live stream available as Pay-per-view service. FAME currently holds the top sales record in the number of sold PPV licenses in Europe.

bsc bsc: 0x28ce223853d123b52c74439b10b43366d73fd3b5

Name: Fame MMA
Symbol: fame
Network: BSC

Total supply: 9909194788
Max supply: 0

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Fame MMA fame Chart

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