Fidlecoin $fidle Chart, Price and Contract

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FIDLECOIN is the official token of the Fidle platform, a digital token that is totally tradable on global exchanges can also be exchanged for digital and physical goods and services on the Fidle platform. Fidlecoin can be stored in a digital wallet, traded, swapped, exchanged and fully decentralized. This is the NO CENSORSHIP platform of the world; totally decentralized and open.

bsc bsc: 0xc861534efeb8a1c5daf31f1c13c440a7f86984f1

Name: Fidlecoin
Symbol: fidle
Network: BSC

Total supply: 7000000
Max supply: 7000000

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Fidlecoin fidle Chart

Poocoin Chart

fidle price,Fidlecoin price


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