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Gaming Stars $games Chart, Price and Contract

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What is Gaming Stars? Gaming Stars is a Berlin-based gaming app/website that allows users to compete in the most popular console, PC and mobile games worldwide for fiat and cryptocurrency. There are three game modes at Gaming Stars: classic 1vs1 matches, tournaments with up to 16 participants and a worldwide unique game mode called Skill Challenges that applies the concept of sports betting to video gaming for the first time ever. At Skill Challenges, gamers can place bets on their own gameplay, like killing X opponents and finishing in the top 10 in Fortnite or Warzone. Our AI calculates for each gamer the probability and determines betting odds based on hundreds of variables. This way, gamers can play their favorite games “”against the house””. Who is the team behind Gaming Stars? Gaming Stars was able to attract a few known German business angels, such as the former founder of DefShop (exit of 70 million Euro in 2017) and the founder of MILES, the leading German carsharing provider. Moreover, it raised 1 million Euro in two crowdfunding campaigns. The team consists of more than 20 members with a long background in cryptocurrency and gaming. What makes Gaming Stars unique? Gaming Stars applies the concept of sports betting to video gaming with a totally new game mode. This way, gamers can earn real money and crypto by competing with others and turn their skills into real profit. While the majority of eSports startups addresses the pro team, Gaming Stars targets the other 99% of worldwide gamers and aims to become for video gaming what PokerStars is for Poker.

bsc bsc: 0xf300e4f1a193dd047b0c6747ad4e16dedf886297

Name: Gaming Stars
Symbol: games
Network: BSC

Total supply: 102000000
Max supply: 102000000

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Gaming Stars games Chart

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