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Goat Gang $ggt Chart, Price and Contract

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GOAT GANG is the world’s first platform to offer you NFTs based on real characters which gives you passive income in the stable coin not in utility token, There are many NFT project which give reward but in utility token and after sometime the value of that utility token get dump and investor suffer loss but Goat Gang will give all the rewards in stable coin to ensure the investor that it’s reward value will not get decrease and in order to buy GOAT GANG NFTs you need GGT without it you can’t buy those NFTs this will help to increase the price of GGT

bsc bsc: 0x0195af07ff81e2dcdd40bb8f7719fb4426a978c9

Name: Goat Gang
Symbol: ggt
Network: BSC

Total supply: 1700000
Max supply: 1700000

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    Goat Gang ggt Chart

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    ggt price,Goat Gang price


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