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Iris Ecosystem $iristoken Chart, Price and Contract

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AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-DRIVEN ECOSYSTEM FOR CRYPTO INVESTORS We use artificial intelligence tools to find the best market signals as well as the best projects to help crypto investors in their investment choices through our APP Iris. Iris also integrates a decentralized p2p exchange protocol as well as a play2earn to stimulate the community and accelerate token burning. IRIS is a system aiming to put business intelligence at the blockchain service to help investors of all sizes optimise their investment options. To do so, Iris offers a mobile application Iris App that analyses the most relevant projects on the market and sends real-time signals of the best opportunities (the best APYs of Staking/Farming, projects before their listing on CMC and CG, high yielding low cap projects and much more). Iris token will be the token used in the ecosystem. To benefit from the platform’s premium services, users must hold a quantity of Iris tokens in staking. Holders are thus doubly rewarded by having access to the Iris App services and reflections. They will no longer focus on the token’s price as it will be used as a means of unlocking services, and there will be no interest in parting with it, which will result in a stable and gradual increase in the value of the token. The token incorporates a manual burn system, a reflection system that rewards holders after each transaction.

bsc bsc: 0x7b9f36a2f331ece03a7483d2713cfd806f9beef2

Name: Iris Ecosystem
Symbol: iristoken
Network: BSC

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 1000000000

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Iris Ecosystem iristoken Chart

Poocoin Chart

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iristoken price,Iris Ecosystem price


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