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Jasan Wellness $jw Chart, Price and Contract

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JW (Jasan Wellness) is an innovative and disrupting social project, that incentivizes a healthy lifestyle by rewarding its users for living healthier, making it the first social, gamified, project. The project was initiated by building a mobile app (Web3wellness app) that auto-tracks your steps and activity, Steps are tracked and counted and converted to USDT and users will get JW on the current exchange rate. Our mission is to motivate individuals and families to adopt an active & healthy lifestyle by incentivizing them through a robust Blockchain and AI technology solution. Developing games for children to educate them about the side effects of junk food and the value of nutrition in life. Which in turn will make society aware of nutrition and wellness. Via this initiative, we introduced a tangible concept on the Blockchain of successful social-focused fitness motivation and reward incentive. Native Token JW: Utility & Reward token. We are launching staking and yield farming on BSC chain. We are eyeing expansion and growth to other chains, such as Telos, Polygon, Cardano and others. In near future.

bsc bsc: 0xab785054251db0fc44538f5deebe7507b748b692

Name: Jasan Wellness
Symbol: jw
Network: BSC

Total supply: 60000000
Max supply: 60000000

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Jasan Wellness jw Chart

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