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KronosDao $kronos Chart, Price and Contract

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Kronos DAO is the next evolution of the reserve currency protocol. Nodes, Kronoscharger, Kronospad. Exchange, farms and Pools. Kronos DAO is the next evolution of the reserve currency protocol. Our goals go beyond simple market capitalization. Kronos DAO introduced the FUTURE Fund: 15% of our treasury and bond profits to invest in high-quality crypto startups, helping them grow early on and effectively transforming the DAO into an on-chain venture fund. Kronos DAO will also build its own protocols, with all commission flows benefiting KRONOS token holders. We focus on utilizing our treasury and generating returns for investors by building, incubating and investing in early stage projects – opportunities that aren’t typically available to the average investor. Kronos DAO will also explore ways to generate risk-free returns on our stablecoins, in order to turn them into productive assets also thanks to our NFTs.

bsc bsc: 0xbec68a941fecc79e57762e258fd1490f29235d75

Name: KronosDao
Symbol: kronos
Network: BSC

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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KronosDao kronos Chart

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kronos price,KronosDao price


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