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La Peseta $pta Chart, Price and Contract

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The Peseta is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project created in the Binance Smart Chain network. Its main objective is to be used as a form of daily payment. This is possible due to its speed, low network cost and it does not need to be mined to verify transactions, making it sustainable and energy-efficient with the environment. The Peseta was the currency of the Spanish state before entering the euro. The Peseta continues today in the minds of many Spaniards and we remember it with great longing. Thinking about being able to use La Peseta again, even if it is a digital asset, is something that we are passionate about and fills us with enthusiasm.

bsc bsc: 0x3843f234b35a311e195608d32283a68284b3c44d

Name: La Peseta
Symbol: pta
Network: BSC

Total supply: 45798535783056
Max supply: 47000000000000

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La Peseta pta Chart

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pta price,La Peseta price


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