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Lunar Flare $lfg Chart, Price and Contract

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Lunar Flare Group Token is built to benefit the holder and not the project as it was built in the true DeFi spirit. The project only receives 2% to operate on, 1% fee on buys and 1% fee on sells. The remainder of the fees, 2% burn on buys and 8% on sells are used to run the mechanics which inherently build value on the token. Total fees for buys, 3%, and sells, 9%. The premise is based around a unique burn mechanism which burns directly from the LP. Lunar Flare Group breaks the BNB/LFG pairing apart, bakes the BNB into the LP, and burns the LFG LP token away. This locks that BNB LP forever. The protocol burns a minimum of 1% of the total LP supply every day. In the coming weeks the team will release Burn Swap which will allow individuals to swap down tokens on the BSC network for Lunar Flare Group. This allows them to enter the project without adding funds to their portfolios. This is the nature of being all inclusive in DeFi.

bsc bsc: 0xae49e74d7ea6a27f1d6f9a95a050f89a068e40fa

Name: Lunar Flare
Symbol: lfg
Network: BSC

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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Lunar Flare lfg Chart

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lfg price,Lunar Flare price


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