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Meta Club $club Chart, Price and Contract

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META CLUB project offers you the opportunity to meet other people. In the comfort of your home, to do activities with them and to have fun and earn money while doing them. A first in the world is happening and the online casino system begins in the Metaverse universe!! With the Meta Club Project, We offer you the opportunity to meet other people without leaving the comfort of your home, to do activities with them and to earn both fun and money while doing them. In This club, you can play competitive games with your virtual or real friends, attend concerts or stand up shows and dance like crazy in our virtual disco. Are you ready for a new sense of entertainment? Our main goal is to provide a social and fun experience to people who are used to spending time at home during the pandemic. While doing this, to ensure that they both earn money and take action. In addition to providing this with a truly magnificent virtual club experience, we aim to be one of the pioneers of this process with our vr compatible treadmills in the future

bsc bsc: 0xae01ac36deb43ec2593855e35f5e62dc992d7c95

Name: Meta Club
Symbol: club
Network: BSC

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 0

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Meta Club club Chart

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