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Meta3 $mt3 Chart, Price and Contract

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Meta3pro is bringing the arcade experience to the blockchain. Retro arcade games that you can play to earn BNB and other prizes. An NFT marketplace to collect our exclusive NFT drops from your favorite games on our platform and a game developer program aimed at rewarding and showcasing talent. Meta3 Chain seeks to build a new, distributed infrastructure of digital assets to form an improved, modern framework. And also seeks to link the present to the future, through the implementation of Blockchain technology. Meta3 Chain connects and exchanges value between different blockchain ledgers in a distributed manner. Meta3 was designed to provide a foundation for a decentralized internet of blockchains, also known as Web3. Meta3 provides a foundation to support a decentralized web, controlled by its users, and to simplify the creation of new applications, institutions and services. The Meta3 protocol can connect public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles and future technologies, allowing these independent blockchains to trustlessly share information and transactions through the Meta3 Relay Chain (explained further down). Meta3’s native Meta3 token serves three clear purposes: staking for operations and security, facilitating network governance, and bonding tokens to connect parachains . Meta3 has four core components: Realy Chain: Meta3’s “heart,” helping to create consensus, interoperability and shared security across the network of different chains; Parachains: independent chains that can have their own tokens and be optimized for specific use cases; Parathreads: similar to parachains but with flexible connectivity based on an economical pay-as-you-go model; Bridges: allow parachains and parathreads to connect and communicate with external blockchains like Ethereum. What Makes Meta3 Unique? Meta3 is a sharded multichain network, meaning it can process many transactions on several chains in parallel (“parachains”). This parallel processing power improves scalability. Custom blockchains are quick and easy to develop using the Substrate framework and Substrate blockchains are designed to be easy to connect to Meta3’s network. The network is also highly flexible and adaptive, allowing the sharing of information and functionality between participants. Meta3 can be automatically upgraded without the need for a fork in order to implement new features or remove bugs.

bsc bsc: 0x0429011fbc9721ce100b8a6812a294cb973256a3

Name: Meta3
Symbol: mt3
Network: BSC

Total supply: 3000000
Max supply: 3000000

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Meta3 mt3 Chart

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mt3 price,Meta3 price


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