MetaHome $metahome Chart, Price and Contract

Join the world of MetaHome and build your house on the land you bought. The MetaHome world, where you have three-dimensional houses and a land of your own, has been released as a beta version. You can already own the MetaHome tokens, which will be presented to its users with its full version very soon, you can view the houses in 3D with AR technology and walk around the houses. In the future, you will be able to place the decoration products you want inside your homes. MetaHome, a comprehensive project, continues to grow and develop thanks to its experienced team. MetaHome, whose liquidity was locked in DxSale, burned 25% of the 1 billion tokens at the beginning. For every purchase and sale, 1% is distributed back to its users. The more MetaHome tokens you own, the more tokens you have the opportunity to earn.

bsc bsc: 0x4feb347f1be86019a94e3ac8f47cdf552590d8f2

Name: MetaHome
Symbol: metahome
Network: BSC

Total supply: 700000000000
Max supply: 1000000000000

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MetaHome metahome Chart

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metahome price,MetaHome price


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