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MetaMerce $merce Chart, Price and Contract

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Metamerce is the first integrated city of amusement offering shopping, content creation or music composing, networking, professionally or on friendly basis, chatting domains and 3D gaming . Metamerce is an entertainment city in Metaverse where the business model of centralized block chain allows merchants to add their stores and enables crypto holders to securely pay with crypto currency. Metamerce also offers shopping, networking, professionally or on friendly basis and chatting domains. Metamerce also offers3D gaming for gaming enthusiasts at the moment, video games give the closest Metaverse experience available.

bsc bsc: 0x6d163b653010740bfb41bed4bee23f94b3285cba

Name: MetaMerce
Symbol: merce
Network: BSC

Total supply: 300000000000
Max supply: 300000000000

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MetaMerce merce Chart

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