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Metarix $mtrx Chart, Price and Contract

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METARIX is a decentralized metaverse built on its own Layer2 blockchain solution. Filled with an ecosystem of P2E gaming, functional NFT’s, web3 commerce, business endeavors, virtual real estate, concerts, live venues, content creation services & more. The Metarix, a virtual social space, is a tokenized decentralized Metaverse theme park comprising 12 zones divided into 9 themes and 3 virtual properties. We want to offer enormous and limitless opportunities for engagement and futuristic growth of users in Metaverse. We are committed to rendering innovative contemporary solutions to our users. To do so, we are coming up with a virtual theme city, a gaming and NFTs platform – Metarix. Metarix will be a decentralized metaverse theme park containing 12 zones and 9 themes. Our theme park will be a land for Doge Park, Bitcoin Business Park, Shiba Shopping District, Opensea Art and Museum Center, Sol Fashion District etc.. along with virtual properties in Ethereum, Binance, and Ada Ape Islands. we have 105,000 land parcels for the users to purchase from a variety of options.

bsc bsc: 0x08b87b1cfdba00dfb79d77cac1a5970ba6c9cde2

Name: Metarix
Symbol: mtrx
Network: BSC

Total supply: 1200000000
Max supply: 1050000000

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Metarix mtrx Chart

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mtrx price,Metarix price


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