Metaverse Box Game $mtvg Chart, Price and Contract

#MTVG is a Free-to-play-to-Earn, tactical Game built on the Binance Smart Chain BSC blockchain. Players are invited to the fallen Kuzza Empire to find hidden Old Treasures like gems and ancient artifacts. When finding these Treasures players need to defeat enemies so that to be able to take them and earn #MTVG and BNB Coins

bsc bsc: 0x1453dea8a8adf80faba94d169435e9e5966847e8

Name: Metaverse Box Game
Symbol: mtvg
Network: BSC

Total supply: 450000000
Max supply: 450000000

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    Metaverse Box Game mtvg Chart

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    mtvg price,Metaverse Box Game price


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