Metavie $metavie Chart, Price and Contract

Metavie token is a metaverse utility token. It can be earned through DeFi products like the Superfarm and the Vault Packs. The Metavie Token is then used as an Access Token to unlock more areas, products, items in the UnitedMetas Metaverse. The more Metavie Tokens you have, the higher are the advantages. UnitedMetas is a multi metaverse, which starts with a DeFi oriented metaverse and brings users closer to the experience of all DeFi or NFT related products – first 2D, then 3D and VR. The goal is to educate them through game-like elements.

bsc bsc: 0x31ff78bf15cd6f53fc10db52a0b4c9a2d1ec1808

Name: Metavie
Symbol: metavie
Network: BSC

Total supply: 30500000
Max supply: 30500000

Where To Buy metavie?


Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem,


Metavie metavie Chart

Poocoin Chart

metavie price,Metavie price


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