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Millionaire Land $tok Chart, Price and Contract

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Millionaire Land aims to build a new styled web3 application with an ANSWER TO EARN model. Users will be able to earn incentives by using NFT characters to answer questions in quiz competitions. Players are able to grow in wisdom through innovative gameplay and earn at the same time. This is the reality of the new web3 space. Millionaire Land is a dual-token model, one is TOK(test of knowledge), which is a game Token representing knowledge rewards in Millionaire Land, mainly obtained through AnswerToEarn. Tokens have no supply limit and are distributed to players as answer rewards. TOK is paying for various APP functions, including pair minting, character NFT health repair, character NFT upgrade, gem upgrade, unlocking slots, resetting character attributes, etc. All TOK used for payment in the above application scenarios will be burnt. And another one is POK(Power of knowledge), it is the governance token of the platform and is also the payment token for certain high-level features. With a total supply of 3 billion tokens. POK is mainly released through AnswerToEarn, and the reward of $POK will be halved once every three years. Others are public offering, investment lock-in, ecological development, team holding, etc.

bsc bsc: 0xd447d1572952a4c103c59a4f0793576ec59bf81d

Name: Millionaire Land
Symbol: tok
Network: BSC

Total supply: 120000
Max supply: 0

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Millionaire Land tok Chart

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