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Mobipad $mbp Chart, Price and Contract

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MobiPad is the first multi-chain launchpad with a mobile application, building on blockchain network. Filling the gap that exist between project ideas and needed funding. We provide project creators with an All-In-One solution right from development to fundraise stage. MobiPad is the first blockchain launchpad with a Mobile App providing investors with effective solutions for investments in early stage ventures while ensuring a risk-free system via our Anti-Rug mechanism set up. Our ultimate goal is making Fundraise and Investing an amazing adventure.

bsc bsc: 0xaf2f53cc6cc0384aba52275b0f715851fb5aff94

Name: Mobipad
Symbol: mbp
Network: BSC

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 0

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Mobipad mbp Chart

Poocoin Chart

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mbp price,Mobipad price


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