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ProspectorCrane $crane$ Chart, Price and Contract

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CRANE$ Prospector is a Play2earn governance token, with dividends distribute automatically to holders! The token is deflationary, increasing the liquidity at each transaction and with an exclusive burn mechanism! The token is used for mint Miners and play the game, increasing its demands, as more players join the game! The Crane rewards! Holders receive frictionless Crane token rewards and also can stake the NFT to receive Crane rewards! Double win for holders and price increasing the main objective with this unique token smart contract.

bsc bsc: 0xa1fb785ec5d0d8a06c32b8d60df7e2f5e3c62650

Name: ProspectorCrane
Symbol: crane$
Network: BSC

Total supply: 500000
Max supply: 500000

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BNB Chain Ecosystem,


ProspectorCrane crane$ Chart

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crane$ price,ProspectorCrane price


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