Rex $xrx Chart, Price and Contract

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REX is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on Binance Smart Chain. REX is considered as Certificate of Deposit and it is designed to store value while providing tremendous passive income. Users can stake REX tokens for a certain period of time (7-3653 days) and receive rewards in the form of more REX. The protocol comes up with huge flexibility such as BOOST tokens, Daily Auctions, BigPayDays (Lottery where users may earn their investments back several times for next 222 days) and native DEX for stakes.

bsc bsc: 0xb25583e5e2db32b7fcbffe3f5e8e305c36157e54

Name: Rex
Symbol: xrx
Network: BSC

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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Rex xrx Chart

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xrx price,Rex price


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