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Siuuu $siu Chart, Price and Contract

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The best Web 3.0 platforms for football fans worldwide – SIUUU! With a combination of football, gamefi, defi and socialfi, SIU2022 allows players to join our ecosystem and get rewards from in-game NFT. Football fans across the world can now not only watch exciting matches and top-notch tackles, but also engage in a brainstorming penalty shootout against other players and make correct predictions to get rewarded.

bsc bsc: 0x16e33015c466c0183cd1c2adbc5b4e7bf97548da

Name: Siuuu
Symbol: siu
Network: BSC

Total supply: 625000000
Max supply: 625000000

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Siuuu siu Chart

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siu price,Siuuu price


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