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Spring Game $spr Chart, Price and Contract

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Introducing Spring Game Spring Game is an innovative GameFi and Play2Earn project operating on the Binance Smart Chain that combines technology and ecology. Each player will have to take care of their virtual trees (NFTs) through different game mechanics and will receive daily game rewards for this (between 1.24% and 3.50% daily depending on the variety of the tree). For each virtual tree, real trees will be planted in the real world to fight against the deforestation of our planet. For this, our community will be able to decide through surveys to which country it wishes to donate trees. We want every player to have a good time with our game and that’s why Spring Game is designed as a refreshing game with innovative gameplay mechanisms. These different mechanisms implemented in our ecosystem, as well as those that will be implemented in the future, will help us to achieve our long-term objectives and vision. The final objective is to provide an P2E Game on Android and iOS, accessible for everyone.

bsc bsc: 0xa29fbc10bf1c2e7b108e8704732f4bb0b10c0da5

Name: Spring Game
Symbol: spr
Network: BSC

Total supply: 10000000
Max supply: 10000000

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Spring Game spr Chart

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