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STAY $stay Chart, Price and Contract

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What’s the Stay project? The Stay is a crypto project that develops four different platforms. The first one helps users to earn cryptocurrencies, while the second platform focuses on job searching. Another one will be helping people for free as a charity. The last platform will be a store where anyone can buy content. Moreover, the team is now in the process of patent and copyright registration. What’s the STAY token? STAY is the BEP20 (BSC) token serving as a means of payment on all STAY’s products. Also, it has a transactional fee that decreases over time. So, it’s 2% in the first quarter. Then, tax is falling to 1.5% in the second quarter. And finally, the fee becomes 1% in the third quarter. Moreover, the developers have locked 25% of the liquidity on the DXLOCK until the platform’s release. This launch will happen on December 01, 2021. Simultaneously, the team closed another 85% of tokens for ten years. Also, important to note that the $STAY smart contract has no mint function.

bsc bsc: 0x127415d59e508c70a3990175c8267eb9c49b84fc

Name: STAY
Symbol: stay
Network: BSC

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 100000000

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STAY stay Chart

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stay price,STAY price


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