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Sulgecoin $sug Chart, Price and Contract

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Sulge is an automated market-making DEX that rewards users just for holding SUG on their wallet. It’s also mobile minable and uses an advanced technology, to allow users mine cryptocurrency on their phone. Users earns unlimited new tokens from Sulge’s partners using Minedrop Dapp. The ecosystem comprises of SugMiner, SugSwap, SugNFT, SugLoan and Minedrop.

bsc bsc: 0x668a5163991662ca5098b2c1357cb73bbcb88a4f

Name: Sulgecoin
Symbol: sug
Network: BSC

Total supply: 500000
Max supply: 23000000

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Sulgecoin sug Chart

Poocoin Chart

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sug price,Sulgecoin price


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