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VICUNA $vina Chart, Price and Contract

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VICUNA Platform Revolutionizing Ecommerce and User Experience on Digital Life Enriched 4D Sense/Smell in Metaverse VICUNA Meta Credit, Finance & Stock Metaverse ID & Credit Bridge VICUNA FitNet MetaZoo Digital Experience and Protect Endangered Species Price Watch & Waive Main Problems Targeted: – Needs for higher level of visual experience, enriched digital-life with Smell, Touch, Gamification – High Advertisement cost and lack of democratized digital ads/earning – Identity leak/personal/financial information safety on Digital-Life/ECommerce – Help to protect endangered species(15403+ on 2020) while providing higher level of fun/joy to the peoples

bsc bsc: 0x61a802de6327a05dda95812ae1535109599f7df2

Symbol: vina
Network: BSC

Total supply: 225000000
Max supply: 4500000000

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VICUNA vina Chart

Poocoin Chart

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vina price,VICUNA price


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