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WB-Mining $wbm Chart, Price and Contract

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The world’s first crypto project to mine real gold on the “Lucky Me” gold claim in the Yukon Canada and sell 15% of all profits to buy back and burn WBM tokens. It is a unique mix of gold rush, crypto, nft and mobile gaming! The gold mining company “Double U-B Mining LCC” has various sources of income and has decided to use a part of all incomes for the periodic buyback & burn events. From now on, a monthly report on the income is drawn up and buyback & burn events are carried out. WB-Mining is a pioneer project and a milestone in entertainment culture. The $WBM tokens are limited to 18 million and are heavily deflationary.

bsc bsc: 0x19575b407e2dd49cb2ba46375a7fba37c8ec553a

Name: WB-Mining
Symbol: wbm
Network: BSC

Total supply: 18000000
Max supply: 18000000

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WB-Mining wbm Chart

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wbm price,WB-Mining price


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