WinBinary $winb Chart, Price and Contract

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WinBinary is a Binance Smart Chain Dividend Token protocol that rewards BUSD to its holders. The BUSD rewards are reflected from 10% buy and sell tax transactions and weekly manual reward pooled from all the listed utilities development revenue 50% share. Diverse Ecosystems Win Binary is an ecosystem with 5 different features where the center is our token $WINB. We provide different features using a huge amount of data in our database, where players and users can be rewarded $WINB with a compounding interest, from betting activities to trading options and cryptos. The Win Binary team is currently developing a new and improved online platform model that will create a paradigm shift in the online gambling industry and solve all issues. We will implement and run a blockchain-based ecosystem with its own set of smart contracts and custom dealer games to meet online gambling requirements. The ultimate goal of Win Binary is to remove the risks inherent in the current system by making it decentralized, transparent, and trustworthy for everyone involved. VISION & MISSION We want to be the ones who deliver the blockchain gaming industry in addressing and overcoming many constraints faced by the current situation. It promotes transparency, low barriers to entry, low entry fee for players, and smooth conversion and transfer of crypto payments and currencies. By keeping third-party relationships and focusing on areas of expertise within the supply chain network, we are able to contain the operational expenses and reduce high overheads. We have overcome the speed and server processing capabilities by looking at proprietary solutions. There are no shadow and hidden fees for players to open their account as well as no embargos, other than their regional restrictions, on account opening.

bsc bsc: 0xd9075d050ca8905c6e14053c52a09244e3049124

Name: WinBinary
Symbol: winb
Network: BSC

Total supply: 50000000
Max supply: 50000000

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WinBinary winb Chart

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winb price,WinBinary price


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