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Windex $wdex Chart, Price and Contract

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WinDex is a binary options exchange built on a decentralized blockchain platform. All are transparent and fair, with a vast data source from the world’s leading exchanges, a team of experts, and a professional WinDex platform builder. With a good marketing strategy, WinDex will quickly become a unicorn in the global financial market. Swap your cryptocurrency trading with all the knowledge you know about trading. Exchange the value of money that you can choose as much as you want and instantly.

bsc bsc: 0x5106b6165d4ce323ede6ac821dbcf83494e5d4c3

Name: Windex
Symbol: wdex
Network: BSC

Total supply: 50000000
Max supply: 50000000

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Windex wdex Chart

Poocoin Chart

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wdex price,Windex price


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