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Biswap AMA Session with Exobots | $1 000 in EXOS for TOP Questions!

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Dear Community,

EXOS IDO is approaching, and your interest in Exobots is soaring! Probably you have questions about the token or other topics connected with Exobots.

Your awareness is a high priority for Biswap. We invite you to take part in AMA Session with Exobots and get a chance to gain EXOS rewards​​!

💰Prize: $1 000 in EXOS
👑Winners: 30 users

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You can extend your knowledge through informative and interactive dialogue with the speaker in Biswap Telegram Chat! Join the AMA session to satisfy your curiosity!

⏰When: 01:00 PM (UTC), May 9
🧑‍💻Speaker: Frankus, CEO of Exobots

Biswap AMA session with Exobots​​ will be divided into 3 Campaigns. The new format allows us to discuss crucial aspects most productively.

💠 Campaign 1 | Exobots x Biswap AMA Quiz Form

Pool: $800 in EXOS
Winners: 20 users

During the AMA session, you will receive a dose of new information. Be ready to test your knowledge with a short test consisting of 5 questions about Exobots. The first 20 users who answer correctly will get $40 in EXOS.

1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Exobots Twitter
2️⃣Answer all the 5 questions correctly in the Form that will be open during the AMA for 10 minutes

💠 Campaign 2 | Questions from Twitter & Instagram

Pool: $120 in EXOS
Winners: 6 users

Ask Questions about Exobots in advance on Biswap Twitter and Instagram! Probably, you already have relevant queries that will be interesting to discuss. Hurry to write them down in the comments below the Biswap Instagram or Twitter post. The 3 most interesting questions will be selected from each social media for the AMA session. Exobots will reward users whose questions got chosen with $20 in EXOS each.

Twitter Conditions:
1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Exobots Twitter
2️⃣ Like and retweet Biswap tweet
3️⃣ Comment with a question about Exobots & BEP-20 wallet

Instagram Conditions:
1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Exobots Instagram
2️⃣ Like Biswap post in Instagram
3️⃣ Comment with a question about Exobots
(📍The Biswap team will DM you regarding the BEP-20 wallet if your question gets chosen for the AMA.)

Hurry to leave your questions under the posts on Biswap social media.
Start chasing EXOS now!

💠 Campaign 3 | Live questions in Telegram

Pool: $80 in EXOS
Winners: 4 users

You can ask your questions live during the AMA session in Biswap Telegram Chat. The speaker will choose 4 topical questions in total and provide answers for them immediately. Users whose questions are selected will be rewarded with $20 in EXOS each.

1️⃣ Join AMA session in Biswap Telegram Chat
2️⃣ Ask questions during AMA session in the chat

📍The winner’s list will be published after the AMA ends.
📍Exobots team will share all the rewards within 48h after the IDO.

Come up with your Questions and gain EXOS!
AMA session with Exobots will turn your questions into knowledge!

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